La Palma Ristorante is known to serve the best Northern Italian Cuisine in Miami. Owner Paolo Montecchi of Bologna and Chef Vittorio Amadi of Venecia are always on hand to make sure every detail is seen to. Using only fresh ingredients and a personal touch La Palma has received rave reviews. Geoffrey Tomb Miami Herald- “Very good-Must try”

La Palma is located in a Coral Gables historical landmark. The La Palma building has been uniquely restored to it’s present character. The breathtaking tree covered courtyard with it’s stone fountain is both relaxing and romantic. Paolo’s excellent eye for fine art gives gives the inside dining room the feeling of dining in a gallery.The bar is small and quaint and is a fine place to gather with friends or sit up and enjoy the sounds of the nightly entertainment. So if your mood is quiet Al fresco or elegant indoor dining La Palma offers you a choice.

The restaurant was first opened in 1996 in the famous building know as La Palma. This was first a hotel and was later restored to be used by the restaurant of the same name. Decked out with fascinating artwork, La Palma sets the mood of dining in an art show gallery. The centerpiece is the stone fountain which is loved by all whether coming in after work or for a romantic eating experience.